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Translation Fields

Business correspondence

Economic texts and financial documents

Technical translations (instructions for assembly and usage, servicing and maintenance, user manuals, registration documents, construction plans, diagrams, specifications, tender documents, etc.)

Legal documents (agreements, contracts, indentures, customs documentation, etc.)

Literary texts, brochures, books

Medicine (medical equipment instructions, examination and check-up results, pharmaceutical certification, etc.)

Advertising copy

Our translators translate into their native language. We offer a wide range of languages and translation fields. We always use translators and editors with the requisite specialist knowledge for the job.

• Perevod-online.com translations work with translators with specialist knowledge of the subject being translated.
• The combination of professional expertise and knowledge of languages guarantees top-quality translation for our clients.
• Terminological accuracy, keeping to deadlines and confidentiality are the tenets of our translation philosophy.

Perevod-Online.Com translations – Your reliable partner!

No compromises.

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Translation fields:
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Technical Translation
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • Advertising
  • Literary Translation
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